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Offering HR staffing, HR recruiting and other recruiter requirement solution.

Blue Green Trading, Contracting & Hospitality, Qatar

Blue Green Trading, Contracting and Hospitality Company in its business scope as a core service provides HR solutions for its customers in Gulf region. The company is placed in Qatar, founded in 2016. The general idea of its founder and CEO, Mr. Laxmashmar Thakur is to respond to the big amount of the requests by the numberless clients seeking the right candidates for its vacancies and to open new labor market to the great individuals that are aiming an international career.

Nowadays, managing the vacancy is one of the leading problems that the companies in GULF Region are dealing with. Qatar is working on revamping their Kafala (worker sponsorship) system to ensure more protection for future labor power. Companies are looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency by undertaking to restructure, absorbing job roles and outsourcing entire departments. Our clients are focused on hiring the candidates that can perform a wide range of duties. This approach allows shrinking in size with no effects on the business capacity. The reorganization and redundancies by companies may contribute to a favorable candidate markets with the more top talents becoming available. The Blue Green is a specialist in candidate pool management, where the company, by using the modern elimination tools, can extract and assign the right candidate for the right job requirements. Mostly, we refine candidates from South Asia, create a pool of candidates selected by certain criteria, train them and prepare for future business voyages.

The company offers solutions in the HR staffing and HR recruiting, with the specification of the industry, short-term or long-term requirements, with specific skills and knowledge and many other recruiter requirements. The company offers the support for the personnel allocations and transfer of duties among the employees, as well as support in the job mergings.

The company matches the exact needs of its clients at all levels with fully qualified, thoroughly screened candidates for all HR Department positions, from the executive suite to temporary staff positions, where the service can be split into the 4 main categories:

  • HR Staffing-Short-term recruitment and project-based hiring
  • HR Recruiting- long-term recruitment based on contracts
  • Virtual employment - delocalized workers employment
  • Legal assistance and support in the field of employment
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