CEO's Message

My name is Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur, I am the founder of UIZ Group. I wish you a warm welcome to our website. We are one of the most perspective collectives in Eurasia. We think big, we act bigger. If you are an entrepreneur then you are in the right place. You are the reason for our being.

Under our umbrella, we have companies from various fields and their common spot is that they are all committed to serving you, to provide a solution for any IT and environment-related problem in your business environment.

The UIZ group is here to articulate and affirm the fundamental values and purposes of company adaptation in the rapidly changing environment of a global and digital world—a world in which IT and BPO services will fuel the future. We must pioneer new approaches in business problem-solving, and we must provide you with quality solutions in the best possible manner.

Our expertise is not created sudden, we have fought to achieve it. You do not shoot first and then draw the target circles around it, the path is much harder, it is a struggle.

If you want a sustainable future, we have sustainable tools, and the right weapon - knowledge. Now, it is your moment to grow, we will feed you. Just give us a chance and trust us!

Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur

CEO, Founder