Corporate Social Responsibility

The goodwill of the communities is an essential factor for a company’s survival. The natural selection principle can be also implemented in the business world and its main role is the elimination of the weak members in the business chains. Organizations, companies, and institutions can become strong members of the business world only if the community accepts and supports their business model.

What is our business model?

Active compliance with the spirit of the natural law, human ethics, and social norms is our business mechanism that is parallelly developed with the social responsibility concept. The mechanism is created within the frames of complete awareness that the new digital order represents a danger for humanity and our host planet-Earth.

The guideline for UIZ family is strict behavior in accordance with the self-criticism, self-regulation, and self-motivation principles. We are aware of the big influence that our business model has on society, on the competitors, partners, and our child companies - on our stakeholders, in general. The power of our business model is in the fact that we are able to recognize its disadvantages and strive to use them as a guide on the road to progress. It is an ongoing year-round commitment to future generations.

As a company that operates in the natural frames, we are creating a model for nature preservation that is called Corporate Social Responsibility. Every company takes responsibility and the burden of the present and future. The contribution that UIZ gave until today is wide in the fields of education, solutions for environmental problems, raising awareness of the human impacts on the more frequent occurrence of natural hazards, promotion of sustainable solutions, and other similar fields. The CSR model that we are developing since its establishment resulted in a strong relationship with three non-governmental organizations Health and Environmental Management Society-HEMS which operates in Nepal, the German Humanitarian Initiative for South Asian-SATHI, which is founded in Berlin, and the Center for Environment and Society-SEED, with the center also in Berlin.

We have offered our expertize including consulting, project implementation support, help in project management, and technical support for many projects implemented by our partners. Here we can mention a few of those projects:

  • The research study for the study of specific watersheds in Tanahun and Kaski districts in CHAL, Nepal
  • Environmental Monitoring and analysis system using WebGIS (EMAIV-software tool developed by UIZ) Project
  • Project for the evaluation of water poverty in Nepal
  • Groundwater arsenic monitoring network optimization in the Terai region of Nepal project
  • Application developed for control of Agricultural Productivity
  • Project developed for the improving irrigation, livelihood, and economic gains through sustainable production, harvesting, and marketing of high-value cash crops in Mithila Municipality of Dhanusha district, Nepal
  • CSR Project for strengthening the capacity and empowering vulnerable communities for improved livelihood in Nepal, and many others.