Eurasia Placement, Poland

The company Eurasia Placement is an HR Solution specialist, and as a work description, we can mention two-dimensional placement and recruitment solutions for clients from Europe and South Asia. The first dimension of our service can be represented as an arrow from Europe pointing Asia, where we are opening the Asian marketplace for our European recruiters, while the second dimension is a consulting service for Asians who want to start business in Europe, to facilitate the access to the western part of this landmass.

The company has started with its full capacity in 2017, in Poland - the country with a favorable geopolitical position in Eurasia. We are targeting job seekers and employers equally, with the parallel improvements in both directions. Eurasia Placement is a member of our UIZ Group. For our clients, small and middle size businesses, the company provides various employee profiles, selected specially by their explicit requirements. The network around the idea of the placement program is derived from the needs that were present in this marketplaces years ago, in order to increase interaction between those two continents. Knowing the fact that the most popular exporter of the IT specialist is India, and other South Asian countries, our human resources originates the countries with this climate.

Our client's profile is divided into two groups:

  • European employers (recruiters) seek specialists in certain fields.
  • Asian targeting European labor marketplace.

HR Solutions package includes the services for the:

  • HR Staffing- to fill short-term roles or to hire people for specific projects.
  • HR Recruiting- long-term employees (service includes Contracts Management and Support).
  • Industry-based Job Placement- recruiting experts in specific industries.
  • Personnel Placement and Job Rotation- personnel allocations and duty transfer among the employees.
  • Candidate Pool Management- candidate selection and organization, candidate treatment, and application revision.
  • Virtual employee- outsourced employees with no office requirements.