About Us

I will tell you a story about the UIZ family. Keep your senses stretched. The story starts with me as its founder. The story is a puzzle, here are the pieces:

Maybe you haven‘t heard about Nepal much, but you certainly have heard about Mount Everest-The Top of the World and its backbone, the Himalayas. Well, I was born there. Raised among the trees, high in the mountains, in the spirit of nature. This made my existence fulfilled with the harmony of nature. What happens when the harmony that you have believed in is damaged or harmed? You act. Before you start to act you need to prepare an action plan in order to put your own contribution to nature's wealth preservation and seek the signs for your orientation. An individual needs a stepping stone and directions in personal career orientation.

I founded Thakur International, the company started for the needs of companies in Nepal to work within the sustainability concept and provide them the environmental and surveys consulting services for Environmental Studies, water resource management, Groundwater Investigation, Soil & Material Testing, Geoinformatics Solutions, Web GIS, Remote Sensing and GIS Services, Hydrogeological Services, Environmental Services, and Academic Support Services. The common point of all of the listed services is the sustainable concept. One of the greatest pollution sources are small and middle size companies that are incapable to invest in sustainable solutions, that is why Thakur International as its focus client group have NGOs, small and middle-size business with a high level of environmental awareness, where we are focusing on the spreading the idea. One of the first steps in my environment preservation plan was the idea of raising awareness in business circles.

One of the reasons for Thakur International foundations is the problems with business running in Nepal. When one company is starting a business it will face complicated legislation, and unexpected changes in the business world environment, that will make any entrepreneur end the business before the business even ever started.

This is the most common problem in Nepal where small and middle-size business is inflexible to adapt to new business conditions. For this reason, they are forced on outsourcing solutions in accounting, financing, information technologies, human resource management, and other business processes. Recognition of the Business process outsourcing (BPO) problems that our clients have been facing in their beginnings gave me the idea to start researching the most common problems in the business world. The idea is implemented in the Thakur International business concepts.

Lately, the business scope expanded to the domain of Website Designing, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Web Security, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Software Development.

In the scale expansion, a lot has been done, but we need to get to the new marketplaces. We have developed the idea to penetrate the European market. The goal is high, but ambition won the battle.

In the heart of Europe, not far from the coasts of the Baltic Sea, Berlin, starts the establishment of the UIZ Umwelt und Informationstechnologie Zentrum GmbH. High German standards required the services with high-quality level and services developed in the sustainability concept. One year after Thakur International, after every business barrier become solved, the risk that we have taken gave its first results. In April 2014, UIZ starts its operations at full capacity, with the services in fields of Geoinformatics, Water Resource Management, IT solutions, and BPO services. UIZ realized two future-oriented projects that kept the public attention global: first, web-based GIS, developed for the needs of The Humanist Association of Germany, and the second project is initially developed for the needs of the Nepal land planners, but the SOA concept implemented allows it to be used at any point of the Earth.

Following the line of the equator, from Asia to Europe, we have continued to expand. In 2016, UIZ has started its journey over the North Sea, in the United Kingdom. We founded the company that provides services of Virtual assistants. The idea comes from deep research that we have done about future business trends and needs. In the virtual assistant package, we provide services of Bookkeeping, E-mail Management, Travel Arrangement Management Services, Note Typing, and as well as Calendar Management Services. Here is the point where facts are speaking about our focus on business facilitation.

Constant growth becomes our light motive. We have continued to invest business efforts in business problem recognition and solution derivation for those problems. Our team recognized the problems related to employment and IT-related problems in Australia. Many companies nowadays decide to transfer some parts of their work to a provider, usually located in countries where the average salary is lower, instead of dealing with all the tasks in-house. There are many reasons for outsourcing, but the solution provider is our "IT Outsourcing Pty Ltd” company, founded in 2016 in Australia. Also, IT implementation can facilitate all business problems. In this manner, we outsource software and web development services, multimedia and graphic design, e-learning support, desktop sharing, printing solution, and SEO service. Now, facts are speaking even louder.

Today, UIZ Group has seven companies under its umbrella, where two companies are specialized in HR solutions in Europe and Asia. The company’s names are ‘The Eurasia Placement in Poland’ and ‘Blue Green in Qatar’, which are a specialist the employment, mostly engaged for an outsourced Human Resource service provider, where it has available human resources from European and Asian countries. We started this idea when we recognized the essential requirements of European companies for better labor power. Eurasia Placement is a member of UIZ Group. For our clients, small and middle-size businesses the company provides various employee profiles, selected specially by their explicit requirements. The Eurasia Placement and Blue Green open a completely new labor market for our clients, Asian and European employees with a wide range of expertizes.

Nowadays, we have succeeded to manage and balance every business environment, we have gathered all these companies under one name mentioned above- UIZ Group.