IT Outsourcing Pty Ltd, Australia

"IT Outsourcing Pty Ltd” company is founded in 2016 in Australia for the internationalization purposes of the UIZ Group. The company is expertized in offering the IT services, including software development, web development, cross-platform and software migration, multimedia and graphic design, SEO, e-Learning, desktop sharing and printing devices. Another specialty of this company is providing the service of the call center, with the multilingual agents from the various fields, for both inbound and outbound calls.

What makes the company a leader in the field of the service outsourcing is the virtual employee service, a smart solution for short-term and for the project-oriented management, used to keep the focus on the business, not on the internal administration.

They have recognized the core needs of the Australian customers and merged those needs in one place, under one name: IT Outsourcing. The company helps in facilitating the growth strategy, internationalization and sometimes, the localization.

The business consulting service is also core service offered by the company. The business consulting services offers a package with the data acquisition, online finance service, appointment service, data analysis, market feasibility, publishing support, market research, and many other industry solutions. Once, when the customer starts using our service, advantages that are guaranteed are numberless but low-cost, high quality and deep focus are the main ones.
Using its services the company can guarantee the relaxed management team in terms of the employee management, less financial obligations and less legislation in the employee recruitment, with no long-term contracts and extra taxes.

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