UIZ, Germany

UIZ is a future-oriented company with a focus on sustainable solutions in the fields of Business Consulting, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Environment, and Water resources. The foundation of the company is inspired by the idea of the European marketplace penetration, whereas a starting point the Germany, Berlin (2014) has been chosen. The company is developing its international scope, aiming the customers in Germany and abroad. A group composed of broad-minded individuals, opened for new business thinking, starts its efforts to complete pre-planned ideas created on the basis of sustainable goals.

The company goal is rounded up in one statement: “Implementing & bringing to society” service contracts, efficiently and effectively, to the due satisfaction of clients, funding partners’ requirements as well as social needs.

UIZ has qualified professionals and scientists, educated and trained for the delivery of the services listed above:

  • Business Consulting: Advice and support within the business running frames for the identification, development, implementation, and handover of the practical business solutions
  • GIS Service: Capturation, manipulation, analysis, and storage of spatial data with high-tech equipment and usage of wireless and wired IT solutions (monitoring system, data management, and alert system)
  • Services for Water Resources Management: Managing the water quality and protection, including service of water stream monitoring, water leaking detections, generation of the hydrometric analysis, numerical modeling, flood risk assessment, hydropower, and other related services
  • Remote Sensing Service: Focusing on cost-effective data collection techniques, UIZ is specialized in planning, designing, and management of in-situ data from various environment types.
  • Web Design: Within this service, we offer Domain Registration, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile application development, and Multimedia Design services, separately, or as a Web Design package.
  • Business Processes Outsourcing: BPO service includes virtual assistant solutions, E-mail services, financial and accounting services, scheduling solutions, and many other office-based services.

Company’s Portfolio

  • Data Visualization Project (client: Humanist Association of Germany, HVD)
  • Mobile Survey App Project for the water management problems
  • Platform-flexible Survey App Development for the affordable water harvesting project in China
  • Questionnaire Development for Open Data Kit (ODK)
  • Project in Land Cover Change in Ganga River catchment, in India
  • Mobile Survey App Development for the purpose of geo-marketing
  • LUPWY Project-Land Use Plan er Software for CHAL region
  • Geochemical Modeling of Contaminants - project for localization, controlling, and deciphering groundwater
  • Project for the Delineating Groundwater Potential Zones
  • Groundwater Arsenic Contamination Monitoring Network Optimization
  • Morphometric Analysis ( Morar River Basin-India)