The member of the UIZ Group which is located in the United Kingdom, called UIZ Ltd is a company specializing in virtual assistants, secretaries, and support services. Its main advantage is that it can provide a package with all relevant services for the needs of its consumers across the sea, both in Europe and the United Kingdom. The company is established in 2016, when the UIZ Group expanded to the west, becoming a step closer to the idea of the widest business network in the world.

A virtual assistant can help you complete every task that is not conditioned by the place, leaving you the opportunity to take your organization to the next level, and facilitating the idea of international expansion. Service package varies depending on the needs of the clients, taking into account the client’s scope, possibilities, and financial situation. We offer the service of virtual assistants for administrative needs, office management needs, and as well as a solution for general needs that are not place-conditioned.

If the client has any problem related to book-keeping, data entry, database management, event coordination, overhead management, or online research, the virtual assistant that is trained for this task is the most efficient and most effective solution for the company management.

On the other hand, clients from different fields strive for support in their office-related tasks, where the UIZ UK provides:

  • Phone Support
  • e-Mail Support
  • Reactive Chat Support
  • Proactive Chat Support
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service Support
  • Social Media Support
  • Scheduling Support
  • Consulting Support